Safety is the most importance especially for high school. Not only the safety for the students, but also for the teachears. In recent years, many troubles happened in school, there is a demand for an effective measure to stop it. The key point in the jail management is to identify the peoples in school accurately and effectively. In past years, because lack of effective measure to identify peoples, it caused serious issues to the society. To improve the safety degree, we provided our Iris recognition solution.
Fortune BIT Technology, focus on iris recognition technology, provided iris recognition solution based on their own algorithm over encrypted communication measure, which could just high effective and accurately identify the peoples in the jail.
Based on above problems, we provided iris recognition from remote via internet solution, it finally guarantees the safe identification over internet, by this solution, the user just need to have a look at camera built in the iris recognition device, it would only finish the identification within 1 second. Meanwhile, it could also be applied for personnel management, authentication management, which really save the managers out of the tedious and unsafe code memorizing.
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