Deep Learning
Deep learning from external features to essence based on large amount of big data and powerful hardware platform, which requires continuous algorithm optimizing, in-depth, and accurate study. 

Video Processing
We have the technology and skills to develop video processing device based on various DSP and sensor, and we possess the complete 3A(AF/AE/AWB) algorithm.


Iris Recognition
Iris image compliant to ISO/IEC 19794-6, matching time is up to million each second with single core processor.

Iris registration:iris image would be captured and stored in database as registration.

Iris Matching:the device would capture the iris information on site and compare them with iris images in database to confirm it they are matching with each others.

Data encryption:Data encryption and transmitting compliant to State encryption algorithm standard.


Face Recognition
We provide face recognition solution based on deep learning, face features analyzing, and NIR live face recognition, which could effectively reject face image from printed photo, video and 3D mold.  


Fingerprint Recognition
Fingerprint collection & Registration: Collect peoples fingerprints and registration them into peoples’ ID information.

Fingerprint Capture & Store:The device would capture the fingerprint features encrypt the data and stored in database. Fingerprint Matching: The device will compare the fingerprint with stored fingerprint in database to confirm it they are matching with each other’s.

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